Weekly Google Hangout

I’ve added a weekly Google Hangout to my schedule with Jeff Erickson and Chris Liss from RotoWire. My first appearance was to discuss the LABR draft from last week and some of the dynamics within it.


Fantasy Mailbag

Beginning next week, I will be posting a fantasy mailbag over on RotoWire’s Rotosynthesis blog. I often get a lot of questions on Twitter about fantasy teams, but <140 characters isn’t the best way to respond to them. If you email me at collette@rotowire.com, I’ll publish the questions & my responses to as many as I can & plan to do them on Mondays and Thursdays. 

It would be helpful if you include league size, cap, etc. If you’re considering a trade, who are you dropping to fit the players is always helpful. If you are a subscriber to RotoWire, please note that in your email. If you’re not, consider becoming one, for at least a free 10-day trial.