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Recent Works

Here’s a list of the pieces that I wrote this week around the intertubes:

  • The importance of correlation over at Rotowire ($) – looking at how all correlations are not the same and how we can twist statistics into anything we want.
  • Where closers come from over at Fangraphs – No, they don’t come from a stork named Jerome
  • The Rays Outfield Defense – A peek at how the defensive metrics and data viewed the Rays’ outfield
  • A look at Brad Boxberger – I’ve had my eye on Boxberger as a fantasy prospect since his days in Cincy. I’m fairly excited to see how he fits in with the Rays because his skill set offers some decent potential.
  • I reviewed what I don’t like about how Chris Johnson is being panned in fantasy analysis

I also held a chat, recorded two podcasts. Thanks for your continued patronage and support.

Recent Work & Radio

Over the past few days, I’ve written two stories, one about baseball and one about fantasy baseball. At Fangraphs, I took at look at John Axford and his issues with tipping pitches that came to light over the weekend. Over at RotoWire, I reviewed the early ADP data against the RotoWire Top 200 list (subscription required).

Lastly, 740 AM in Orlando me on¬†for my weekly spot to discuss ARod’s suspension and how it affects the Yankees for 2014, and beyond.

Finding a New Market

It’s always nice to see a player stick with a dream and reach the major leagues. In Dane De La Rosa’s case, he made several stops throughout the minor leagues, the independent leagues, and even in a different line of employment before achieving his dream of being a big leaguer. In 2013, he took advantage of a fresh start wit the Angels after the Rays had no room for him and made some changes to have an effective rookie year with the majors. My latest piece at Fangraphs looks at how he gave himself a makeover on the mound.

Jonathan Papeldone?

In the wake of Grant Balfour’s deal falling through with Baltimore, there are recent rumors that the Orioles and Phillies have had discussions involving Jonathan Papelbon. The Phillies would gladly move him as there are teams that still need a closer. What those teams don’t need is a potential $39M contract.

My latest piece at Fangraphs looks at Papelbon and how his skills are holding up in recent seasons and how he compares to his peers. Cliffnotes version – not very well.