Weekly Google Hangout

I’ve added a weekly Google Hangout to my schedule with Jeff Erickson and Chris Liss from RotoWire. My first appearance was to discuss the LABR draft from last week and some of the dynamics within it.


Busy Bee

Fantasy Mailbag

Beginning next week, I will be posting a fantasy mailbag over on RotoWire’s Rotosynthesis blog. I often get a lot of questions on Twitter about fantasy teams, but <140 characters isn’t the best way to respond to them. If you email me at collette@rotowire.com, I’ll publish the questions & my responses to as many as I can & plan to do them on Mondays and Thursdays. 

It would be helpful if you include league size, cap, etc. If you’re considering a trade, who are you dropping to fit the players is always helpful. If you are a subscriber to RotoWire, please note that in your email. If you’re not, consider becoming one, for at least a free 10-day trial.

Recent Works

Here’s a list of the pieces that I wrote this week around the intertubes:

  • The importance of correlation over at Rotowire ($) – looking at how all correlations are not the same and how we can twist statistics into anything we want.
  • Where closers come from over at Fangraphs – No, they don’t come from a stork named Jerome
  • The Rays Outfield Defense – A peek at how the defensive metrics and data viewed the Rays’ outfield
  • A look at Brad Boxberger – I’ve had my eye on Boxberger as a fantasy prospect since his days in Cincy. I’m fairly excited to see how he fits in with the Rays because his skill set offers some decent potential.
  • I reviewed what I don’t like about how Chris Johnson is being panned in fantasy analysis

I also held a chat, recorded two podcasts. Thanks for your continued patronage and support.


My latest piece for RotoWire (subscription required) looks at Chris Johnson’s 2014 projections and why some of the owners in the recent Fantasy Sports Trade Association expert league did not draft him.

Johnson has accumulated a .292/.330/.443 slash line in 1842 plate appearances over the past four seasons, but it wasn’t until the last two seasons that Johnson saw significant playing time. His high water mark for homers in a season is 15, he has never driven in more than 76, and has never scored more than 54 runs. He also handles lefties and righties rather equally, hitting .296 against lefties and .290 against righties and his other indicators in those splits are nearly identical.